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Posted 2 years ago

About Writing - Why I write

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As I’ve done research on the craft, I have come across numerous articles about the technical end of it, but rarely have I found something pertaining to the writer’s mentality. The only exception I’ve found is when talking about why you want to write. Because why someone picks up a craft is one of the most important things about actually doing said craft. 

     To give an example, let me explain why I choose to write. I made a promise to myself to put a story out in the world. Didn’t have to be good, didn’t have to be popular, just to have it out there and have someone enjoy it. Sounds pretty basic, a little dreamy, but it’s what pushed me through a lot of my creative endeavors. I would elaborate and go deep into my own backstory, but I realize that it really covers only “I drew, I role played” rinse and repeat. Therefore, I will spare you the details and just get to the actual reason. 

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