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Posted 2 years ago

About Writing - Inspiration

So now that I shared why I write with you and hopefully gave you some insight into my own mindset when I started this crazy journey, let’s talk about inspiration.  Now as practiced, I will be talking about my own work and time on the topic, in hopes to give you a better idea of what I put into my writing or at least give you some inspiration of your own.

     Let’s take an earlier idea I had and look at how inspiration was good and bad for it.  When I was a teenager, I started doing online roleplaying in Yahoo Chat under the name Daren Whern.  He ended up being a fun character for my thirteen year old self because the inspiration for him was me with less problems and thrown into a fantasy setting.  Most of the time it seems that when someone does that exact thing, the character turns into a “Mary Sue” and I will admit that, over the course of time I role-played as Daren… oh yeah, he became a Gary Stu.

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Posted 2 years ago

Change of plans.

Hiya everyone!  As you can tell from the title of this post, I think I am going about a certain detail with my site a little wrong.  The detail being my Tales Of Koldesa short stories.  After “Introductions” I was supposed to be posting back stories about my characters from the novel I’m working on that is set in that world.  BUT after doing some thinking, most people probably would not want to read about a back story of a character they haven’t even experienced yet ><.  So basically, I’m going to take the time that I spent on writing those and directing it towards the novel.  Now Other Side Of The Screen will remain untouched and will continue to be on a once a month basis for the time being.  I’m hoping that once convention season dies down for Geek Mythology Crafts, I can make it twice a month for Other Side, and maybe throw in a Tales Of Koldesa story in for fun that is more about the world, and not so much the characters in my novel.  I think this will work best for me to get done my novel and relieve some stress from having a 9-5 job, Geek Mythology, and my writing.  Thanks for listening/reading and expect more updates along the way! ^^b


Posted 2 years ago

Save The Date - Other Side Of The Screen

Save The Date

By J.R.Brabson

The fierce wind howled between the tall buildings of Central Philadelphia’s lit streets.  Mother Nature had trouble deciding between snow and rain the past few days, so various dark puddles and grey snow stacks lined the roads and sidewalks.  The temperature had dropped to around thirty degrees after sundown and yet Terrance still feared he was sweating excessively.

He stood and waited for his blind date in front of a restaurant a few blocks away from South Street.  The only information he had about her from his old roommate was her name, Caprice.  He pulled his fingerless gloved hands out of his jacket pocket and brought out his smart phone.  Its main function in his life remained the ever-daunting task of trying to manage his guild in Universe of ConflictCraft.  For once, it had another purpose.  He opened a browser and looked up her name on one of the million and one baby name sites.

“Impulsive and whimsical. Yeah, she better be drop dead gorgeous too…”  He shivered when the wind blew across his face.

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Posted 2 years ago

About Writing - Why I write

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As I’ve done research on the craft, I have come across numerous articles about the technical end of it, but rarely have I found something pertaining to the writer’s mentality. The only exception I’ve found is when talking about why you want to write. Because why someone picks up a craft is one of the most important things about actually doing said craft. 

     To give an example, let me explain why I choose to write. I made a promise to myself to put a story out in the world. Didn’t have to be good, didn’t have to be popular, just to have it out there and have someone enjoy it. Sounds pretty basic, a little dreamy, but it’s what pushed me through a lot of my creative endeavors. I would elaborate and go deep into my own backstory, but I realize that it really covers only “I drew, I role played” rinse and repeat. Therefore, I will spare you the details and just get to the actual reason. 

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Posted 2 years ago

"Press A For Morality" posted

New “The Other Side Of The Screen” story uploaded.  Here is a taste ^^b, link at the bottom.

Press A for Morality


"Mr. Jingles, it says here you have a condition that needs to be addressed."  The stuffy middle-aged man behind the desk peered out over the resume to Mr. Jingles.  "Care to explain?"

Mr. Jingles took a moment to remember which one of his many “conditions” came to mind when he wrote that on his resume.  “My fear of copy machines,” he said with an innocent grin.

"Fear of copy machines?"  The would-be employer took off his glasses and stared at Mr. Jingles with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes." Mr. Jingles took a deep breath as he prepared to tell the tale.  "You see, Mr. Dickens, one year I was visiting my cousin and we went to these tar pits.  There was a clown there juggling…"

Mr. Dickens leaned forward over the desk at the long pause.

"He…he tripped and fell into the tar pit," Mr. Jingles cringed and looked as if he wanted to cry.  "The final honks of his nose, as his body sank into the blackened depths, haunt my nightmares still to this very day!"

"Wait."  Mr. Dickens’ leaned back in his chair with a look of disbelief.  "You’re telling me that a clown falling into a tar pit is why you’re afraid of copy machines?"

"Yes sir," Mr. Jingles said with a sniffle.


"Because, sir, the black ink reminds me of the tar pit."

"But, your resume is printed…"

Mr. Jingles leaned over and pointed at the ink, “It’s hard to tell, but the ink is actually dark green.”

Putting down the resume, Mr. Dickens took off his glasses and rubbed the imprints they left behind on his nose.  He exhaled slowly and pointed to the door.  “We need someone who isn’t afraid of copy machines.”

"Thank you for your time.  Oh, is there any chance I can have that back?  Some guys broke into my house and stole my computer with the saved version."   He offered his hand out and accepted the papers from Mr. Dickens who looked as if he was still recovering.

Posted 2 years ago

"The Legend Of Jolin"

The first “Tales of Koldesa” story!  I hope you enjoy it!

The Legend of Jolin

By J.R. Brabson

Year: 832 A.P.

A loud bang echoed through the stagecoach, waking me up with a jump.  The top of my head hit the low roof of the interior with a thud and a shock of pain.  Rubbing my head, I looked around quickly seeing only my sister, Kollarn, sitting across from me.  She had her eyebrow raised and a stack of papers in her lap, she was just as confused as I was.

"Ow… What happened?" I asked her.

"Your guess is as good as mine, Jolin."

I turned to the window and moved the blinds out of the way; not keeping in mind the sun would blind me.  The light made me squint at first but my vision started to clear after a few seconds.  What replaced the horrible blotches from the sun was nothing but orange dirt and a few patches of dried up plants that went on until the end of the horizon.  I saw the same thing for the past two weeks since coming into the Harshlands.

"Just dirt here," I peered in again with a disappointed look on my face and saw my sister peeking her head out the other side.

"Same, no disturbances that I can see that would warrant a gun shot.  Just a mountain range," she said back to me with a smile of relief.

"Hey driver!”  I yelled up to the front of the coach to the grizzled old man that we hired to be our driver.  "Why are you wasting ammo?"

"Just greeting tha locals," I heard him yell back.

"You mean we’re almost at our destination?”  Kollarn shouted from her side.

"Almost, but dis here is harpy territory and dey were the locals before us," the driver responded with another gunshot.

We both sat back down on their seats.  I grinned in excitement and kept my window shade wide open.  My older sister’s complexion went down a tone lighter as she closed her shade.

"Harpies?  Did you hear that Kol?  Maybe we might see some dragons too!”  I said eagerly.

"Yeah, real great," her voice was less than enthusiastic.

"I think I’ll make that my new goal," I said while rubbing my hands together and added it to my mental checklist of things to do.

"What? Just see a harpy or a dragon?  In all of your eighteen years of existence, I have never heard you give yourself such a basic goal.  Usually it’s more along the lines of hog tying some creature or something more asinine," she exhaled slowly and rolled her eyes.

"Well I’m taking your advice and starting off small this time," I stated with a grin.  Almost being arrested for trying to tie up a City Official who told me he was an escape artist in a previous life, promoted the lecture that brought that idea.

"Yes, yes, sure.  We’ll see how that changes by the end of the day," she smirked.  If I were smarter then, I would have questioned why she was smirking.

A few minutes had passed and I saw Kol yawn.  I closed my shade and looked to her; she seemed to be fighting the urge to sleep.  I smirked, letting my mind fill with thoughts of harpies and Dragons, while Kol rubbed her eyes and looked down to the documents in front of her.  We both felt the stagecoach start to slow down, rocking our bodies as it came to a stop.  Sitting up at attention, we looked to each other.  Our hearts pounded against our chests, I wanted some excitement with harpies, and I think she was just nervous about meeting her boss.  The door next to me creaked open and before us stood a tall elf with a rough demeanor and I guess what most would consider a pleasant smile.  Behind him were the sounds of many voices and activity that caught my attention more than anything.

"You must be Jolin and Kollarn," the elf said to us.  He moved to the side and kept the door open for us to exit.

We nodded to him slowly with blank expressions; hearing all the commotion outside felt a bit surreal at the time.  Kollarn passed by me as the elf assisted her getting out.  I followed suit on my own and stepped out onto the dull orange ground.  From left to right, there was one long row of various sized buildings lined one after the other.  Each one seemed to supply a different necessity for life or work from supply houses to recreation.  I couldn’t help but stare in amazement as various beings of all different sizes and colors were coming in and out of the buildings and along the roads.  Even though I was from the city, the sheer amount of people in one area all working on a single goal left me dazed.  As I stared, I didn’t pay any mind to Kol and the elf as they were probably greeting each other.  The flow of people left me feeling like I was in a hypnotic trance and soon I found myself following it like a sand lemming following the herd over a cliff.

"Hey boy!" a yell came snapping me back to reality.  I turned around and saw the elf motioning up to the luggage on top of the stagecoach, "That stuff ain’t comin down on its own."

"Oh, what?  Sorry I got distracted," I said with a sheepish grin.

"Distracted?" the elf laughed.  "There’s no getting distracted when there is work to be done.  If you wanna get anywhere around here you have to work for it."

Looking to my sister, I saw her nod to the elf with a coy smile on her face, wanting me to say something.  I realized why she smirked at me back earlier.  I said the first thing that came to mind. 

"I didn’t expect to be working immediately," I blurted out as I walked towards the stagecoach, passing my sister who rolled her eyes and groaned.

"Watch out, Thale, you might be trying to get his attention a lot," Kollarn said.  So that was his name.  "I’m going to leave you two to get more acquainted while I show my new designs of the Elevating Surface Service Device to the man in charge."

"Wait," Thale said, turning to her with a raised eyebrow and a smile that made him look like he was on the verge of laughing. "The what?"

Kollarn stared at him and placed her hand on her hip. “The Elevating Surface Service Device,” she exhaled loudly and I saw her look down at the ground.  “The thing I’ve been sending you designs for, to get people down the cliffs?”

"Oh sorry Miss, we’ve just been calling it the elevator," Thale rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled with a grin.

"Elevator?  I like that!”  I laughed before I picked up the first piece of luggage.  It was a lot easier to remember then what she called that thing.

"Just great. I am surrounded by Harpies and an army of people that think like my brother," Kollarn scoffed and walked off into the crowd, leaving me with Thale, who had a list of things for me to do after the luggage was gathered.

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